Mad Murdock

Whats that smell?


A slumped rag covered vermin infested man. The smell is the first thing that gets you when you encounter him for the first time (and each time after that as well).


Take two parts crazy add one part pathetic and three more parts crazy now you just need two add the smell, take the smell of finest meal you’ve eaten, the most perfect flower, the smell of freedom after a dungeon delve… add all that together … turn it inside out and beat it with a very dead rat. That is what Mad Murdock smells like. Talks in broken sentences and ofter repeats himself. Some of the things he has said “too loud” “cant’ sleep when it is loud” “can’t sleep” “only the ones that go in don’t come out” “the children went in” “they don’t come out”

Mad Murdock

Dying can be fun! (even if it does hurt like a *&^%) DerekCampbell